How to use Traviader?

1. Open Traviader on your device before leaving the parking position.
2. Check, if GPS signal is OK and put your device in a safe place, where GPS signal will be available.
3. After landing and reaching parking position check, if departure and arrival airports were detected and your flight was saved as a „Not sent flight” in „My flights”.
4. Connect to the Internet using wifi or cellular network with data transfer available – your flight will be automatically sent to the website. If data transmission was successful, your flight will be moved from „Not sent flights” to „List of flights”.
5. Close Traviader or use it again for your next flight.

Red „Reset” button – what is his function?

You will see red „Reset” button on the „Home” screen, when your flight is finished and saved. If you are going to fly again in the next few minutes, simply push this „Reset” button and Traviader will be ready to record your next flight.