About Us

Traviader, using the GPS receiver in your device, allows you to watch in real time and record your flight track and some details of the flight, such as: current longitude, latitude and course, departure airport, date and time of departure, flight time and distance, max speed, max altitude, average speed, date and time of arrival, arrival airport. The app works, when your device is in so-called „airplane mode”, so you do not need to be in cellular network coverage. Traviader is able to record one flight after the other without closing and opening the app before each flight. Simply, after landing push the red „Reset” button and Traviader will be ready to save your next trip. You can edit each flight by setting privacy permission, adding comment, selecting position: pilot, flight attendant, passenger.

Traviader is linked to  www.traviader.com aviation community website, so when you finish your flying day and you are connected to the Internet or cellular network, your recorded flights will be automatically send to traviader.com, where you can see your flights details and tracks on the map, add foto, share your flight experiences with members and friends, check your statistics and visited airports, and again edit each flight, if you need to.

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